Friday, February 5, 2010

Mas Tequila

These pictures were taken on a night of fun with my sister. Her husband took the baby for the night, and me and Ginny decided to let loose. We only had half a bottle of Patron left, but it didn't take us long to finish that off. Unfortunately we were out of lemons and were not in the mood to drive to the store so we had to make due with limes.

There is something I noticed about taking pictures while drinking. There seems to be more photos that are out of focus than in focus. Sometimes this isn't bad though and you end up with some really unique shots that you may not have come up with while sober.

My friend Mandy and I were talking about blogs tonight. I think I have decided to do a 'Beer a day' blog, or at least a beer a week blog. I would take pictures of the beer, and then write a detailed review of what I thought, and any interesting story that may go along with acquiring it. I'm eager to hear what my viewers think of this. Would this be something that would be of interest to anyone?

For the time being, please enjoy these Tequila shots. Get it?...Shots... Hardy Har Har!

This first image is the only one that was post processed, all of the rest are straight from the camera. These were taken on a D5000 with a 55-200mm lens.

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